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Sign up at any one of our five Northern Rewards Club booths. A booth is conveniently located in every Kewadin Casino!

All five Kewadin Casinos offer our customers the ability to use their earned comp and points with a simple swipe of their Northern Rewards card at our:

  • Restaurants or delis
  • Hotel (Sault Ste. Marie or St. Ignace locations)
  • Gift shops


How can I earn comp dollars?

Through slot, table, and keno play with a Northern Rewards Club card.

Slots: Insert the Northern Rewards Card into any slot machine equipped with a card reader. Be sure that once the card is inserted into a machine, the card display indicates “accepted”.

Table Games & Keno: Simply present your Northern Rewards Card to the Pit Boss or Keno Clerk prior to playing.

How does comp accumulate?

Comp dollars are earned based on play with a Northern Rewards Card. For slot players, comp is earned based on the type of machine being played and the length of play. For table & keno players, comp is accumulated based on the type of game, average bet per hand, and the length of play. Comp rate will increase the higher the player rises in the tiered players club.

Can I redeem all my comp at once?

Yes, you can use any comp you have in your account, but we do recommend leaving a usable balance.

Is comp transferrable?



How is earning points different from earning comp?

Comp is earned based on play with a Northern Rewards Club card. For slot players, comp is earned based on the type of machine being played and the length of play. For table & Keno players, comp is accumulated based on the type of game, average bet per hand, and the length of play.

Complimentary services include things like vouchers for hotel stays, food, and more.

Points are earned on your Northern Rewards Card based on how much money you put into a machine or a table game. While playing slots every $4 of coin in equals 1 point, excluding Video Poker. Video Poker is $8 of coin in equals 1 point. Keno is $1 of buy-in equals 1 point.

We encourage you to use your points as they are earned to avoid them from expiring.


Thank you for being a member of our Kewadin Casinos Northern Rewards Club. We hope you enjoy the new benefits of this new service and take advantage of the complimentary services and points you have on your Club card.


As a member of our Northern Rewards Club, your play will earn you valuable points. These points can be used in a variety of ways which are listed below.

    • $4.00 coin in = 1 Northern Rewards point (Video Poker $8 coin in = 1 point, Keno $1 buy-in = 1 Northern Rewards Point)

  • Merchandise and Entertainment Ticket Discounts with Northern Rewards points
  • Exclusive Invitations and Comps
  • Invitations to VIP parties, dinners, and special events
  • Free entertainment tickets, including special skybox lounge for top-tier players
  • Valuable offers through the mail for our top tier players
  • Free Hotel Rooms
  • Free Dinners
  • Entry into special promotions

Membership in the Northern Rewards Club allows entry into all promotions and special events, which usually include cash prizes, merchandise prizes, gas discounts, senior day breakfasts, etc.

Win-Loss Statements are available to all carded players for tax purposes. It's all yours just for using your FREE Northern Rewards Club card today!


Kewadin’s tiered Northern Rewards Club has a two point system. The two sets of points accumulate simultaneously while serving separate purposes within the club.
Club Points:

  • One Club point earned for every $4 bet in slot play
  • One Club point earned for every $8 bet in video poker
  • One club point earned for every $1 bet in Keno
    Club points have a monetary value of $1 for every 100 Club points
    Club points cannot be cashed out; they are used for Kewadin goods and services

Tier Points:

  • One tier point earned for every $4 bet in slot play
  • One tier point earned for every $8 bet in video poker
  • One tier point earned for every $1 bet in Keno
  • One tier point earned for every $10 bet on table games
    Tier points hold no monetary value and cannot be redeemed

Card Qualifications
Qualifications for all four tiers are based on accumulated tier points over a rolling six-month period. Tier upgrades will happen every month and patrons will be notified when they upgrade to Gold or Black tier status. At the end of a six-month period, all patrons will be reevaluated and placed in the correct tier based on earned points at that time.

  • Black Card: 35,000+ Tier points
  • Gold Card: 7,500–34,999 Tier points
  • Silver Card: 1,500–7,499 Tier points
  • Green Card: 1–1,499 Tier points
  • Valor Card: Available to all active, retired and honorably discharged military, police, fire and EMS
    — Tier points are based on a six-month rolling calendar. Black and Gold card upgrades will be notified by mail. Silver upgrades can check their status at the Northern Rewards booth.

Here are links to view the tiered players club benefits and to download a printable version.


The Executive Services Staff is located at Kewadin Casinos Sault Ste. Marie and St. Ignace locations.

Customers can earn complimentary services in addition to earning points through consistent play using a Northern Rewards card. “Consistent play” may vary depending on the player and the type of gaming the player engages in (slot vs. table play). The complimentary items that a customer may earn include:

  • Food vouchers for any of Kewadin Casinos restaurants or delis
  • Hotel stays at the Sault Ste. Marie or St. Ignace Kewadin Hotel
  • DreamMakers Theater Entertainment tickets
  • Sky box privileges—an exclusive lounge that overlooks the DreamMakers Theater
  • Gift shop vouchers for any Kewadin Casino Gift Shop
  • Exclusive invitations to parties and events.
  • And more…

Call or stop by the Executive Services Office in Sault Ste. Marie or St. Ignace to see if you qualify for any of the above listed complimentary items or to learn more about how complimentary items are earned. The staff will handle many of your requests including booking of complimentary hotel reservations at any of the above listed hotels, as well as arranging tee times for golf outings. Qualified players can receive private golf lessons with the Sault Ste. Marie Country Club golf pro.

For office hours at each location—or assistance with any of the above matters—please call the desired Executive Services Office:

  • 906-635-7796  for Kewadin Sault Ste. Marie
  • 906-643-9990 for Kewadin St. Ignace


To request a win-loss statement for tax purposes, please submit a request for win-loss statement form, or call 1-800-KEWADIN ext. 54993.


For your protection, we have established these terms of service. The Northern Rewards Club cards are non-transferable and may be cancelled, altered, or revoked by Kewadin Casinos at any time without notice. Gaming is not permitted for persons under the age of 19.

Please remember when you are checking your Northern Rewards Card balance or cashing in any of your points, you will need a valid form of identification.

For account inquiries or information concerning our Northern Rewards Club, please call 1-800-KEWADIN and ask for the Northern Rewards Club Booth.