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May 9, 2013

$15 million paid out in jackpots

Customers of Kewadin Casinos won $15 million in slot jackpots over $1,200 in 2012.  “Many customers do not realize how many jackpots we have each day,” said Tony Goetz, chief operating officer.  “Our machines pay out well and we have many happy customers on a regular basis!”

Last year between the five properties, the casinos paid out $15,106,488.  The Sault Ste. Marie property paid out $6.2 million, St. Ignace $6.5 million, Hessel $200,000, Manistique $1.6 million and Christmas $700,000.

All slot machines at any casino operate the same way. When a player drops a coin or token into the slot machine, one to three or more reels are activated.  The reels spin randomly displaying various symbols that show the player if they have won anything.  Each machine has a random number generator (RNG) that has been approved by the State of Michigan and tested by the Sault Tribe Gaming Commission.  This RNG determines whether or not the player will win or lose.  Every spin is in no way related to the previous spin or the next spin.  Every time the reel is set spinning, a new random number is generated.  It is this reason that two big winning combinations could occur back to back.  When a slot machine is not being played, this computer chip is still generating random numbers. “It’s really about luck,” said Goetz.

Kewadin Casinos offers over 2,000 slot machines and 50 table games for patrons to enjoy.  The casinos have been in operation for nearly 30 years and employ approximately 1,000.

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