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Kewadin Cares – Community Partner

Kewadin Casinos prides itself on being a community partner.  From event sponsorships which bring visitors to our area to donations for worthy organizations, we strive to be a community leader.

The Kewadin Cares program began in 2003 when the casino started partnering with local organizations to raise awareness of our Pledge of Allegiance and United States Armed Forces and veterans.  The program has since grown to include holiday giving programs, drinking and driving awareness campaigns and support of organizations like Big Brothers & Big Sisters.
Kewadin Cares - Corporate Partners 
For 25 years, Kewadin Casino shows support for local groups, organizations and fundraisers in the way of donations and sponsorship of local events benefiting the community and area businesses.  We base our decisions for donations and sponsorships on budget and policy criteria. 
Donation & Sponsorship Requirements



Kewadin Casino donations include items for raffle, auction, or fundraisers up to $250.  A donation request form can be found by clicking here.

We must receive this form for all donations at least one month before the date of the function.


      Kewadin Casino sponsorships include monetary support in return for promotion of our organization.  Sponsorships are typically for large events that support and draw people to the area.  A sponsorship request form can be found by clicking here.

      We must receive a written request in addition to the sponsorship request form for all sponsorships at least three months before the date of the event.  In addition, a re-cap form must be filled out after the event is completed.  This form can be found by clicking here.

Policy & Criteria
Priority is given to requests from organizations:

* Located in the Upper Peninsula or whose activities or services significantly benefit Upper Peninsula businesses and residents.
*Important to Kewadin Casino’s efficient and successful operations.
*An internal committee at Kewadin Casino reviews requests for philanthropic support. 

Depending on circumstances, the committee’s decision on your request will be communicated to you in writing or by telephone. In your written letter and/or request form to Kewadin Casino, your organization should demonstrate that:

* The vast majority of your funds go to programs or services,
* The organization is physically located in the Upper Peninsula,
* And/or your activities or services significantly benefit residents of the businesses and residents of the Upper Peninsula.

Click below to download any of the donation or sponsorship forms:
Sponsorship request form
Donation request form
Sponsorship re-cap form


Kewadin Cares – Two for You

Since the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and Kewadin Casinos has been granting two-percent (2%) of its slot earnings to community governments, their impact on local communities has been astonishing.  From bringing emergency response vehicles into rural areas to increasing the  educational opportunities available for community and Tribal members, the two-percent (2%) contributions help improve our lives in ways that many do not even know.

The two-percent (2%) contributions directly affect many services that we count on daily. Monies are earmarked for projects such as street construction, police and fire upgrades, the purchase of emergency response vehicles and school projects. To date, the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe has awarded $25 million in two percent (2%) distributions to Local Units.

To view Two for You History click here.

Thank you for caring about our community!

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