Available at: Sault Ste. Marie
Make your next convention a memorable Kewadin Convention! Kewadin’s Sault Ste. Marie facility offers over 30,000 square feet of meeting and convention space including 15 rooms with an array of floor plans, full service banquet facilities and a 318 room on-site hotel all complete with state-of-the-art sound, lighting, audio-visual equipment, fax service and wireless internet. Our on-site staff convention coordinators can meet your every need, whether your event requires a theater, classroom, reception, and banquet or conference setup.

To place your convention facilities reservations please call: 1-(800)-KEWADIN.

The Grand Ball Room
Our Grand Ball Room offers over 5,000 square feet of space and can accommodate 250 to 500 guests depending on room style arrangement. Other options include reserving the Spruce, Oak, Cedar and Birch rooms. A combination of all four is available to suit your specific needs. This is similar to our Grand Island room as well.
Size: 5,031 sq. feet, 117 x 43 x 12  Capacity: Theater-432, Classroom-336, Reception-600, Banquet-360

Spruce Room
Size: 1,276 sq. feet, 44 x 29 x 12  Capacity: Theater-108, Classroom-84, Reception-125, Banquet-80, Conference: 50

Oak Room
Size: 1,496 sq. feet, 44 x 30 x 12  Capacity: Theater-108, Classroom-84, Reception-140, Banquet-80, Conference: 50

Cedar Room
Size: 1,320 sq. feet, 43 x 31 x 12  Capacity: Theater-108, Classroom-84, Reception-130, Banquet-80, Conference: 50

Birch Room
Size: 1,247 sq. feet, 43 x 29 x 12  Capacity: Theater-108, Classroom-84, Reception-125, Banquet-80, Conference: 40

Birch/Cedar Rooms
Size: 12,596 sq. feet, 57 x 43 x 12  Capacity: Theater-216, Classroom-168, Reception-250, Banquet-150

Oak/Spruce Rooms
Size: 2,772 sq. feet, 88 x 34 x 12  Capacity: Theater-216, Classroom-168, Reception-280, Banquet-150

Birch/Cedar/Oak Rooms
Size: 4,092 sq. feet, 87 x 43 x 12  Capacity: Theater-324, Classroom-252, Reception-420, Banquet-200

Cedar/Oak/Spruce Rooms
Size: 2,892 sq. feet, 89 x 29 x 12  Capacity: Theater-324, Classroom-252, Reception-290, Banquet-200

The Tahquamenon Banquet Roomconvention2
Another way to capture the essence of your visit to the Michigan Upper Peninsula is the Tahquamenon Banquet Room. The Tahquamenon has an upper and lower level, just like its namesake, and is perfect for groups of 200 or less desiring something out of the ordinary
Upper Level: Size: 2,380 sq. feet, 70 x 34 x 10  Capacity: Theater-150, Classroom-84, Reception-230, Banquet-150, Classroom-60
Lower Level: Size: 1,200 sq. feet, 28 x 48 x 11  Capacity: Theater-18, Banquet-40

The DreamMakers Theater
Our DreamMakers Theater features full concert and stage equipment, with auditorium seating for 1,500. Or, you can host a reception for up to 800. The DreamMakers Theater has been a popular choice for a variety of trade shows. Kewadin will accommodate your requests and special arrangements effectively.
Size: 13,500 sq. feet, 60 x 170  Capacity: Theater-1500, Reception-800, Banquet-650

Convention Hotel Reservations
Kewadin offers our convention guests the opportunity to reserve hotel arrangements to facilitate their organization’s needs. Hotel accommodations include access to our fitness center, swimming pool and room service.

Pre-function area and smaller meeting rooms
Just outside our meeting facilities you’ll find The Water’s Edge, an area where your group can congregate before and after meetings. For smaller meetings of 10–20 participants, Neebish Island, Mackinaw Island, Sugar Island, Maple Island and Drummond Island are just some of the meeting rooms that will fit the bill quite nicely.
Size: 2,904 sq. feet, 66 x 44 x 13  Capacity: Reception-200

Ontario Room
Size: 2,496 sq. feet, 78 x 28 x 12  Capacity: Theater-216, Classroom-144, Reception-240, Banquet-140, Conference: 60

Ontario I & Ontario II
Size: 1,248 sq. feet, 39 x 28 x 12  Capacity: Theater-90, Classroom-60, Reception-100, Banquet-50, Conference: 30

Size: 2,574 sq. feet, 66 x 39 x 10  Capacity: Theater-70, Classroom-80, Reception-250, Banquet-120, Conference: 60

Whitefish Point
Size: 2,584 sq. feet, 76 x 34 x 10  Capacity: Theater-200, Classroom-108, Reception-255, Banquet-150, Conference: 60

Kewadin Casinos Convention Reservations
Kewadin Casinos offers our guests the opportunity to reserve convention facilities at our Sault Ste. Marie location. Reserve your convention room today! Click here to reserve.


Kewadin Casinos Convention Center Map
View a map of our convention room layout here or a listing of room capacity here.