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Spin to Win Tournament Rules
Hessel, Christmas, Manistique

  1. Tournament play begins Saturday and Sunday morning at 10 a.m.
  2. Contestants must wear their name badge during tournament play and to redeem any tournament coupons. Players must be present 5 minutes prior to their specified start time.  If the player is not present at the start of his or her round they will be disqualified from that round. Any assigned machine for a disqualified contestant will remain vacant for that particular round.
  3. The tournament official will call the customers name for each round.  Contestants will draw for their machine placement in each round by drawing a numbered chip from a cup.  There will be one numbered chip for each machine.  As the contestants draw, their numbers are recorded on the scoring sheet.  The chip numbers correspond to the numbers on the machine.  (i.e. Chip #4=machine #4).  Tournament officials will verify that contestants are in the correct seats before play begins.
  4. The tournament will be played on identical machines.

    Each machine will be set at a specified number of credits and or minutes at the start of each round and played  down until there are “0” credits left and or time left.  Depending on casino location.
  5. The accumulated points in the "Winner Paid" window will be recorded by the tournament official at the end of each round.
  6. Each contestant will play in 3 rounds.
  7. The three scores will then be added together.
  8.  The top 10 scores from 3 rounds of accumulated play will share the Prize pool. If two or more contestants are tied, they will split the prize .money for those places involved.
  9. Two - Bonus Prizes of $25 will be awarded at the end of each session.   One for the highest score and one for the lowest score.   closest to the Bonus number will win. Any ties will split the prize.
  10. Players who earn 350 points on their Northern Rewards card from opening of Northern Rewards club on Friday until closing of Northern Rewards club on Saturday of the tournament weekend will be entered into a drawing for $150.  
  11. In the event of a machine malfunction, the player will be moved to another round.  The player must start over.
  12. The Tournament Official’s decisions are final.
  13. All other floor and or slot procedures are to be followed according to casino policy.


$8,000 Prize Pool
1st Place $3,000.00
2nd Place $2,000.00
3rd Place $1,000.00
4th Place $750.00
5th Place $350.00
6th Place $250.00
7th Place $200.00
8th - 10th Place $150.00


All promotions are subject to cancellation at Management's discretion.
Promotions cannot be changed without prior approval by the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Gaming Commission.
Employees are not eligible.
Must be 19 years or older to participate.
Must be present to win


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