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No Limit Texas Hold 'Em - Sundays
Poker Mania Sundays end of the Month Tournament

Tournament Rules

  • Registration begins Sunday morning at 10:00am till 3:30pm
  • Tournament will be limited to a maximum of 50 players
  • Tournament play will begin at 4:00pm
  • All players will pay $25 buy-in for participation in the weekly tournament and $40 buy-in for participation in the month end Poker Mania tournament.
  • The end of the month Sunday tournament(Poker Mania) will be seeded by Kewadin Casinos with $20 per person up to $1000.
  • A player may pre-qualify by placing first, second or third in one of our Wednesday weekly tournaments leading up to the end of the month tournament.
  • Participants must be at their drawn seats at the specified time.
  • All participants will receive $1500 in tournament chips at the start of play. Rebuys are specified below.
  • Participants must leave all chips in open view of other players and Tournament Officials at all times.
  • Any participant may ask for a chip count during the tournament and time will be suspended.
  • There will be unlimited re-buys for the first three rounds, any player may re-buy  for $10 and receive $1500 in tournament chips. (Only if the player has $1500 or less in chips).
  • Participants must play out the tournament.
  • Chips cannot be transferred.
  • All forfeited chips will be returned to Tournament Officials.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to call time and stop play.
  • Tournament officials reserve the right to combine the tables as necessary.
  • Players will be seated as close to their original position as possible.
  • Advance button rules will be followed.
  • The Tournament will be played down to the last player.
  • Tournament officials will rectify any discrepancies. All decisions are final.

Betting Structure

Rounds Time Small Blind Large Blind Betting
1 20 min. $25 $50 Unlimited
2 20 min. $50 $100 Unlimited
3 20 min. $100 $200 Unlimited
Fifteen Minute Break
4 15 min. $200 $500 Unlimited
5 15 min. $500 $1000 Unlimited
6 15 min. $1000 $2000 Unlimited
After round 6 the small and large blinds are doubled

Re-buy Structure

  • Players must have $1500 in chips or less to re-buy.
  • Re-buys are unlimited in the first three rounds: $10 for $1500 in chips.
  • A double re-buy will be offered at the start of round four: $20 for $3000 in chips.
  • Dealers tip re-buy will be offered in the first three rounds: $5 for $500 in chips.

Prize Pool

  • All Buy-ins and Re-buys will seed the weekly prize pool.
  • Month end Wednesday Poker Mania tournament will have a $40 buy-in for registration and $5 of it will go to the house.
  • If the tournament has 31 to 50 players the prize pool payouts is as follows:
  1. 1st place - 45%
  2. 2nd place - 25%
  3. 3rd place - 15%
  4. 4th place - 10%
  5. 5th place - 5%
  • If the tournament has less than 30 players the prize pool payouts is as follows:
  1. 1st place - 50%
  2. 2nd place - 30%
  3. 3rd place - 20%


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