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Keys & Credits - Locker of Cash
Every Monday
Kewadin Hessel, Manistique and Christmas
Official Rules:

This promotion will run every Monday from 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

There will be random Kewadin Credit draws and random key draws to win any grand prize that is associated with the keys.

There will be a number of grand prizes given away each year and will vary by site.

The grand prizes will be displayed at each site along with a poster with the final date it will be given away by.

If the grand prize has not been won by the final date, we will do random key draws until the grand prize is won on the final date.

Customers winning a random key draw will come to the Northern Rewards Club and choose a key to match the winning key number to the grand prize.

There will be key draws per Monday at each site.

The keys that do not match the winning key number will not be put back into the drawing. They will be left out until the correct match is chosen and a winner is declared.

When the grand prize is won, all the keys will go back into the drawing for the next grand prize.

How to qualify:
Customers must register each week at the Northern Rewards Club to be eligible for the promotion. 
If someone does not want to participate in the promotion after they have registered they must inform the Northern Rewards Club.
Customers must earn at least 25 base points on each Monday to be eligible for the Kewadin (Make sure is spelled right error on last one) Credit or car key drawings.

Additional information:
Kewadin Casino employees are not eligible to participate as total prize exceeds $15,000.
Participants must be 19 years or older.
Kewadin Casinos will cover the taxes on the grand prize won up to 30%.
All proper tax forms must be filled out at the cage before the grand prize is given.
Anyone found using 2 NRC accounts will be disqualified.
This promotion is subject to cancellation at management’s discretion. 
This promotion is subject to change at the review and approval of Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Gaming Commission.

Customer must fill out proper tax form for winnings exceeding $600.00



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