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Sault Ste. Marie
St. Ignace

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Blackjack Rules

6 deck Blackjack Table Min. & Max bets are $3 to $200, Request for Higher limits are the sole discretion of the Shift Mgr. on duty.

SPLIT:   A player may Split any first two cards that are of equal value. Players may Split up to 3 times to make 4 hands. Players may Double Down after a Split.

SPLITTING ACES:   Aces can be Split only once. Each Ace receives one more card. Players may Double Down after Splitting Aces.

DOUBLING DOWN:   Players may Double Down on any first two cards.

INSURANCE:   A side bet that the Dealer has Blackjack.

SURRENDER:  Player’s option to forfeit half his wager. Player can Surrender on his first two cards only.

EVEN MONEY:  on Blackjack only

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